Loungewear Lamentations

I wear a lot of clothes. Two or three outfits per day is totally normal, and a single-outfit day is generally rare. There are several reasons for this, most of which are totally valid.

I’ll get home from work and change out of my work clothes because a) they’re likely still clean enough to rewear (but won’t be once they’re covered in dog hair or an inevitable food spill) and because work clothes often are terribly uncomfortable to lounge in. Or I’ll get changed into a date outfit. Or I’ll throw on an athleisure outfit to run errands, and then later change into ‘real’ clothes for a concert.

But what I noticed is the number of outfit changes that happen when I’m exclusively wearing loungey at-home clothes. I’ll change two or three times on a day when no one sees me.

I finally stopped to consider this and had a bit of an epiphany. The primary reason I’m wearing multiple loungewear outfits per day is because I fucking hate all my lounge clothes.

This should be tremendously obvious but apparently is not. My lounge clothes are generally the clothes that I don’t like enough to wear in my real life but they have a lot of life left in them, so they get demoted to be worn only for walking the dog or working from home.

In some instances this is fine. I have some super soft black t-shirts that stretched out a ton in the wash, and they’re still comfy as hell. I have bulky sports teams sweatshirts that aren’t really for the office. I have faded cotton tights that are still so, so cozy.

But the majority? I’m wildly uncomfortable in them because they’re ill-fitting or made of crap material, so I just cycle through outfits until the day is over.

I also have a grey cocoon dress that I love the shape of but absolutely despite the gritty polyester knit fabric. It’s pilly and gross and a dog hair magnet and multiple times I’ve considered paying someone to make a copy of it in a non-offensive material. I have an oversized cotton sweater with too-short sleeves. I have a bunch of ill-fitting t-shirt dresses from H&M. I have too-big socks and ill-fitting cardigans and just a bunch of garbage that I apparently forgot to put in the trash* where it belongs.

I realllllly should have considered this sooner. I’ve been doing a lot of unnecessarily laundry and being unnecessarily uncomfortable, and probably needlessly wearing out clothes that someone else may love as-is.

So I’m adding loungewear to my thrift list. Cotton sweaters. Joggers. Linen pants. Things that I buy because they feel great and are meant to be worn at home, but aren’t so embarrassing that I can’t go outside in them, but not nice enough that I deem them too nice for lounging.

And I’m saying good fucking riddance to that god-awful grey cocoon dress made of fabric from hell.

*I donate things that still have life in them, don’t worry.

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